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About Us

We are Jonny, Sarah & Jenson (woof!) 

After a recent trip around Scotland doing the NC500 in a van similar to ours, we've become huge fans of the van life and want everyone to have an opportunity to experience it. From that, our purchase of our van, named, 'Caprice the Camper' was made.

Our aim is to make your experience from enquiring, right through booking, picking up the van, to bringing the van back, as seamless as possible.

We do both work full time still in our 'normal' jobs, 1 train driver, 1 nurse, 1 full time sofa sleeper, you can decide which is which...

In saying that, please be aware while every effort will be made to answer any enquiries sharpish, sometimes, there could be a small delay while one of us picks up the message, but we'll do our best!

The van has been kitted out how we think the vast majority of people would like it. Most of our efforts have been put into utilising what space there is in the van, leaving you, with as much cupboard space as possible for all your bits and bobs!

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