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  • Where are you located?
    We are located in Middleton St George, Darlington. Easily accessible from the A66, A19 or A1 Motorway
  • How can I get to you?
    Train, Plane or Automobile - we're easy to reach! Car - We are located just a 5 minute drive from A66, head for Teesside Airport and you wont go wrong! Train - We are 10 min car/taxi ride from Darlington train station on the East Coast Mainline. Also served by local services stopping at Dinsdale, with a 20 minute walk to us. Also a very similar distance to Thornaby train station by car/taxi, both Thornaby and Darlington by taxi would be approx £10-£15. Plane - We are very close to Teesside International Airport, if you can find a flight to get you there, you'll be less than a 5 minute walk from us...
  • Can I leave my car?
    Yes! We have a 2 car driveway, covered by CCTV where your car can stay. We would just ask you consider that it doesn't have any oil leaks and leaving a key with us, just incase the alarm goes off, we don't want to upset the neighbours... *Vehicles are left at owners risk and we do not accept any liability whilst your vehicle is with us*
  • What time can I collect the van/What time do I have to return it?
    Collection - 15:30 Return - 11:00 Are those times fixed? Depends on the van diary + also depends on the shifts we are working in our normal jobs. If you would like an early collection or a late drop off, please contact us nearer the time and we can see what the availability is, unfortunately we cannot guarantee anything until very close to the hire.​
  • What are the driver restrictions/requirements?
    You must be: Between 25-79 Have 2 or more years driving experience Be able to provide us with a copy of your driving license (we'll take a snap of it or you can send us one, front and rear) Be able to provide us with a DVLA license check code (Lasts for 21 days, code must be live on start of hire) Provide 2 proof of address from separate sources + dates within last 3 months, matching the address on driving license.
  • I have points on my license.. can I hire the Van?
    Got points? Not necessarily the end of the world... Upto 2, 3 point offences - OK A single offence less than 6 points - OK More than that - you little terror! - Please contact us directly to chat about it.
  • Is there a mileage limit?
    Is there a mileage limit? On hires of 6+ nights we offer unlimited mileage (ideal for the NC500, approx 1400 miles incorporating Skye). Hires of <6 nights, we would like to keep the milage to 150/day, over a 2 night booking that would still get you over the Scottish border, the Northumberland coast, the lake district, Isle of Man and anywhere in-between (and back again!) Excess mileage is deductable from the security deposit and is charged at a rate of £0.20p/mile.
  • Can I go out of the UK?
    At the moment, with us being new, we would like to keep the van in the UK. However, drop us a message and we will discuss with you and the insurance and go from there.
  • Can I take it on a ferry?
    Yes! The Van measurement are Short Wheel Base (SWB) (1.99m x 4.9m x 2.3m HLW, you'll need these when booking a ferry.
  • Can I take Caprice to a festival?
    Glasto? Leeds Festival? Download? Creamfields? Yes, you can... But... We do ask for a higher security deposit of £1500 for these events due to a higher risk of damage. Please note these bookings would need to be done via a booking enquiry rather than a normal booking. The van is tracked, if we do find the van is at a festival under a normal booking, we reserve the right to retain £500 from the security deposit.
  • Is smoking permitted?
    Smoking/Vaping is not permitted in any part of the van or awning. If we suspect anyone has not followed these rules, we reserve the right to retain part of the security deposit for a deep clean of the van.
  • Fuel Policy
    The van will have a full tank of fuel (Diesel) when you collect it, we expect that it returns with a full tank of fuel. If It does not, the amount needed to fill up will be deducted from the security deposit + £25 surcharge.
  • Do we have to charge the £1000 security deposit?
    Yes, unfortunately. It's part of the insurance process and standard practice for most, if not all, motorhome/campervan hires. It is fully refundable on safe return of the van. Please note the 'Security Deposit' and damages, encompasses everything, the van, the conversion, everything that is supplied with the van. How is the payment taken? We encourage, if available, to book their trip with us using a credit card. This offers you, the customer, an added level of secuirty. Using our secure payment partner, we 'pre-authorise' the security deposit via secure payment link. This means that the funds never actually leave your account and upon safe return of the van (with a full tank of diesel) the pre-authorised payment is cancelled. This link will be sent at a later date. If a security deposit cannot be fulfilled, then hire cannot take place, unfortunately. In the unlikely event that either something is damaged or the van isn't returned full of fuel, only the payment to cover these costs is then deducted from the authorised account. Is there an alternative to the £1000 security deposit? The only alternative, is to book the van through our GoBoony listing. GoBoony is a site where you can list your motorhome/campervan for hire. It is cheaper to book through us directly BUT, GoBoony offer you, the customer, the choice of paying a small fee which reduces the security deposit significantly. For more details either drop us a message or visit our GoBoony site here.
  • Cancellation/Amendments
    Cancellation Policy Should you need to cancel your booking for any reason, there are the terms of refund: 6 Weeks or more prior to commence date - 100% Refund Between 6 & 4 Weeks prior to commencement date - 75% Refund Between 4 & 2 Weeks prior to commencement date - 50% Refund Between 2 & 1 Weeks prior to commencement date - 25% Refund 1 Week or less prior to commencement date - 0 Refund
  • What happens if a previous customer damages the van and we cant fulfil your hire?
    It's a good question! Whilst we hope this never happens, ever, if it does, we will seek to find your an alternative vehicle, obviously depending on season this could prove difficult, but we will try our very best. We encourage some form of travel insurance to cover you and your holiday in these unlikely events. We also cannot be held responsible for costs incurred for loss of campsites, accomodations etc should this ever occur. If we cannot fulfill your holiday with our own vehicle or an alternative, then a full refund will be issued.
  • If I damage the van, do I lose my £1000?
    The answer to this, is very circumstancial... Lets try and explain with some examples... Example 1, I've damaged the van, it was my fault, but it's damaged enough to claim through the insurance - In this example, we would retain either some or all of your security deposit, depending on the level of damage and you pay for whatever is damaged. So if you were to knock a wing mirror off, you'd pay for the part and however much it is to fit. If you kerb a wheel, you pay for however much it is to get the wheel refurbished etc etc Example 2, I've damaged the van, it wasn't my fault, but it's not damaged enough to claim through the insurance. In this instance theres 2 options, either we use the answer to example 1 or if you manage to gain the details of the party to blame and their insurance details, should they offer to pay for the damage without claiming, none of your security deposit is lost, however, if they dont want to pay for damage and would rather claim, unforunately that results in a loss of your security deposit, we may me able to reclaim that from their insurance but this is not guaranteed. Example 3, I've damaged the van, it wasn't my fault and the damage is more than £1000. In this scenario, the security deposit is retained (as our insurance excess is £1000) but we would seek to claim that back from the 3rd party insurers. Example 4, I've damaged the van, it was my fault and the damage is over £1000. Unfortunately, the answer to this is one is loss of security deposit, as again, our insurance excess is £1000 for any claim. But let's not talk about any of that in anymore details, because we like to think these situations are never going to occur! In short, if i accidentally do small damage to the van or any of its contents, you will not automatically lose the whole £1000.
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